Hunters Glen IV

A Community of 488 homes

Hunters Glen IV Annual Meeting
August 24, 2017; 7 P. M.
Hunters Glen IV Pool
790 Lexington, Missouri City, TX 77489
Elect Write in Candidate:  Dale R. Gibble,  713-827-1300

Thank you for all the votes. Apparently, I lost this time.

Action Item I have addressed:
  1. Stopped water leak on Glenford Dr.
  2. Cured nuisance house at 1110 Manorglen Dr.

Action Items Which I will address:

  1. Speed bumps on Manorglen
  2. Custom curb home numbers
  3. Parking problems on Manorglen
  4. Better communication with owners
  5. Vacant house at 2531 Morning Meadow Dr.
  6. Vacant house at 2530 Doverglen Dr

   Reasons to serve on the Hunters Glen IV home owners association.

  1. Protect Property
    One of the top priorities of every homeowner is to protect the value of his or her home. Being involved with an HOA will put me in a better position to make and implement rules in my community. Some of these regulations will directly affect property value, especially if they require decisions about the associationís budget or routine maintenance.
  2. Correct Problems
    Being a part of the home owners association will allow me to help correct problems such as the ones listed in the above action items.
  3. Meet More of my Expectations
    By serving on an HOA board, I can achieve your expectations of a more perfect community much sooner by working with my neighbors.
  4. Give Back to the Community
    One way to give back to my neighbors and community is to serve on my associationís board, which allows the opportunity to make good decisions that will have a positive impact on everyone. As an engineer, my grassroots experience will help me find solutions to challenges quickly.  One of the home owners asked me when heavy trash day was scheduled.  I called the trash company and printed the schedule for the rest of the year in the link below.
  5. Meet Neighbors
    An HOA meeting is a great place to meet my neighbors and to know more about them. It gives me a chance to socialize and make friends with others living in my neighborhood.  I have already met many fine people, one of whom is a rodeo trail rider.

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